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Why do I keep waking up congested?

Starting your morning by reaching for the tissue box can be frustrating and annoying. Good news, waking up congested can be prevented! As a practicing ENT doctor, Dr. Nasseri has identified the two leading causes of morning congestion: gravity and indoor allergens. He has identified three practical solutions to minimize them!

My snot is green, should I be worried?

Mucus isn’t just the runny substance you sneeze out during a cold; it is actually a massive defender of your health! Mucus moisturizes your respiratory tract while also catching dust, allergens, and pathogens. You’ve probably noticed that your mucus can present various colors and textures, but what do these differences indicate? EUKA co-founder and practicing ENT doctor, Dr. Shawn Nasseri, gave us some tips about how mucus color can determine your health.  

  • Clear and runny: This is the sniffly mucus that comes with allergies. However, clear mucus can also indicate that you are healthy. Generally, the lighter and clearer your mucus is, the healthier you are.


  • Thick and white: If your mucus is thick and white, then it is another sign of allergies, but this mucus can also be fungal in some cases. The inflamed tissues inside your nose are slowing the flow of mucus. This causes your mucus to lose moisture and become thick and cloudy.


  • Green: Green mucus is frequently due to bacterial infection or a strong allergic reaction. The green comes from an enzyme in white blood cells called myeloperoxidase that reflects when there is an allergy or bacterial infection. The more myeloperoxidase, the greener the mucus can get. If it persists for several days, it is more likely to be a bacterial infection.


  • Red or brown: Generally, if your mucus is very dark in color, it is a mixture of blood that may be moist or dry mixed in with yellow or green to make brown or red mucus. This usually means someone has been blowing their nose so much that the blood vessels inside the nose have popped open, and the blood is mixing with the already infected mucus.


Regardless of the color of your mucus, you can support your nose and respiratory system by rinsing it regularly with Euka’s all-natural, preservative-free saline spray. The Wellness Nasal Saline Spray is perfect for everyday immunity; one spritz clears congestion, opens your airways, and preserves your delicate nasal biome without flooding your nose. If you are experiencing cold or allergic symptoms, try the Infused Cold and Allergy Saline Spray. Infused with essential oils, this formula is designed to ease cold and allergy symptoms by moisturizing and protecting your nose.

3 Things You Can Do To Strengthen Your Immune System

By exercising regularly, you’re delivering oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helping your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. Regular movement improves your heart and lung health, giving you more energy to tackle daily chores and any task thrown your way.

Common Misconceptions Around Allergies

According to the CDC, as many as 60 million people per year in the United States experience allergic rhinitis during peak allergy seasons or even year-round. Allergy symptoms can include sneezing, a runny nose, congestion, etc. Our Euka Co-Founders, Harvard, UCLA, and Mayo Clinic Doctors, Drs. Bita and Shawn Nasseri, discuss some of the most common misconceptions about allergies.

Drs. Bita And Shawn Nasseri’s Top 5 Tips For Staying Healthy When Traveling

Since travel restrictions have been lifted, vaccination rates have and travel have increased exponentially. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of maintaining healthy habits when traveling this summer! Drs. Bita and Shawn Nasseri sat down with us to share their top 5 best tips and tricks around staying healthy when traveling.

Meet Euka's Co-founders, Doctors Shawn & Bita Nasseri

For National Doctor’s Day, we show our appreciation for physicians and healthcare workers. Plus, learn about Euka Co-Founders, Doctors Bita and Shawn Nasseri and how they created a preventative wellness system.

11 Reasons You’ll LOVE Euka Wellness

Pampering or preventative wellness? Our doctors made sure it’s both!
Here are 11 reasons you’ll love Euka Wellness! Boost your wellness, boost immunity and address respiratory issues naturally with Euka’s doctor-formulated wellness system! Plus, get a Euka promo code for 15% off!

Learn Why Cleansing Your Nose Is As Important As Washing Your Hands

Did you know that cleansing your nose is as important as washing your hands? Learn how to cleanse your body’s filter, your nose, to fight off germs with Euka’s saline nose spray and cold and allergy saline nose spray.

5 Immunity-Boosting Tips To Prep For The Covid-19 Vaccine

Curious how to prepare for the Covid-19 Vaccine? Will the vaccine work if you’re sick, run down, or stressed? In this article with immunity boosting tips and advice from doctors, learn how to prepare your body for the optimum immune response from the vaccine.