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Due to inventory and cost challenges since the pandemic, we've made the difficult decision to close our store and discontinue all products Due to inventory and cost challenges since the pandemic, we've made the difficult decision to close our store and discontinue all products
11 Reasons You’ll LOVE Euka Wellness

11 Reasons You’ll LOVE Euka Wellness

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Health, happiness, and preventative wellness—delivered.

We’re thrilled you’re getting to know Euka Wellness. You’ll soon learn why boosting and protecting your immunity never smelled and tasted so good! Let’s start with our name. Wondering where it came from?

Well, eucalyptus—mother nature’s decongestant, respiratory system booster, and anti-inflammatory agent—is at the core of our doctor-formulated wellness system.

Doctors Bita and Shawn Nasseri


We’ve always believed in preventative wellness and that health is your human right. That’s why our co-founders and world-renowned doctors, Bita and Shawn Nasseri, have combined their knowledge of western and holistic medicine to create an integrated system of delightful wellness products that help protect and boost your immunity. A pure indulgence to the senses, the Euka daily ritual helps you get proactive about keeping yourself, and those you love, healthy.


And the top 11 reasons you’ll love Euka are…



Formulated By Top Doctors & Backed By Science

For over 20 years, Euka’s co-founders, world-renowned Harvard and Mayo Clinic trained Doctors Bita and Shawn Nasseri, have treated the most celebrated musical artists and entertainers in the world, keeping their voices and bodies at their best. After years of seeing patients and family suffer from recurring sinus and respiratory issues, they saw a need to bring a synergistic, preventative wellness system to the masses so everyone can have access to the same effective therapies as their patients. The doctors spent years perfecting their formulations while adhering to the highest standards, to create products they feel comfortable giving to their own kids, patients, and friends!


Euka Is Your Complete, Holistic, Integrated Wellness System

No need to experiment with ingredients or study up on herbs.  All Euka products were expertly crafted and designed to work together to optimize your wellness in a simple, easy and fun-to-use kit. The Euka Wellness Bento box includes everything you need to create an easy, enjoyable and restorative daily wellness ritual.


We Only Use Clean Ingredients

No toxic additives here! We use only natural, non-toxic, preservative-free, organic, PH-balanced ingredients to make products you can feel good about putting on and in your body.


Vegan & Cruelty Free – We Love Animals!

We never test our products on animals in any phase of development or use animal products in our formulas. So, when you improve your wellness with Euka, you can be sure you’re not contributing to the harm of any animals—which is another thing you can feel good about! 


Proudly Made In The USA

We feel that it’s important to source our ingredients in the US and create jobs here! This also ensures that all strict standards, FDA regulations, and processes are followed carefully to make sure you have the safest products at the highest quality possible.


Sustainably Sourced

The choices we make, big and small, are important to keeping our planet thriving. By sustainably sourcing our products and offering recyclable packaging, we limit toxic exposures, air & water pollution, climate change, waste of resources, and damage to the ecosystem. So, when you boost your immunity and wellbeing with Euka, we work together to do our part for the planet.


We Give Back

We believe it’s important to help others and make a difference in the world. We also understand that each person’s wellness is essential to the wellness of the collective community. That’s why we are committed to donating a portion of all Euka proceeds to thoughtfully selected philanthropic programs and partners who provide health access and support those in need. 


We Continue To Innovate For YOU

We’re proud of our innovative wellness system—and we’re continuing to develop new products to address more of your most pressing wellness concerns. Get excited for more scents, more solutions, and more indulgent ways to improve your health and wellbeing with Euka.


Our Products Are A Joy To Use

Euka products aren’t your typical prescription from a doctor’s office. They smell incredible, they’re super fun to use, and they make your daily health ritual feel like true self-care—helping  you relax, restore, and renew!


Free Shipping!

You’ll always get FREE SHIPPING on orders over $49.99*. That’s preventative wellness, clean, curated, delivered!


We Want You To Be 100% Satisfied

We’re so dedicated to making sure you love our products that we give you a full 30 days to try Euka risk-free and promise you a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied.

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