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The Doctors Are In

Wellness Articles

Meet Euka's Co-founders, Doctors Shawn & Bita Nasseri

For National Doctor’s Day, we show our appreciation for physicians and healthcare workers. Plus, learn about Euka Co-Founders, Doctors Bita and Shawn Nasseri and how they created a preventative wellness system. 

11 Reasons You’ll LOVE Euka Wellness
Pampering or preventative wellness? Our doctors made sure it’s both!
Here are 11 reasons you’ll love Euka Wellness! Boost your wellness, boost immunity and address respiratory issues naturally with Euka’s doctor-formulated wellness system! Plus, get a Euka promo code for 15% off!
Learn Why Cleansing Your Nose Is As Important As Washing Your Hands
Did you know that cleansing your nose is as important as washing your hands? Learn how to cleanse your body’s filter, your nose, to fight off germs with Euka’s saline nose spray and cold and allergy saline nose spray.
5 Immunity-Boosting Tips To Prep For The Covid-19 Vaccine
Curious how to prepare for the Covid-19 Vaccine? Will the vaccine work if you’re sick, run down, or stressed? In this article with immunity boosting tips and advice from doctors, learn how to prepare your body for the optimum immune response from the vaccine.