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To our valued Euka customers, Due to inventory and cost challenges since the pandemic, we're discontinuing all products with the exception of the Wellness Saline. Sincerely, The Euka Team

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Take your at-home spa day to the next level. Euka Wellness Shower Bombs are made with a proprietary blend of essential oils designed to open your airways, relax your body, and transform your mood.

Feel at ease—our Shower bombs are all-natural, organic, and preservative-free. Shower bombs come in four uplifting scents: Breath Well, Happy, Calm, & Detox.

*Shower bomb tray not included and is not available for purchase.

Did you know you can wash your nose like you wash your hands to stay healthy? Our Wellness Saline Spray both cleanses and protects your body’s nasal biome to restore the balance that supports your immune system.

Feel at ease — our Wellness Saline Spray is all-natural and preservative-free. Includes 2 sterile bottles designed to last and protect for an entire month.

Your daily vitamin, reimagined. This little capsule is supercharged with a blend of organic herbs, phytonutrients, and vitamins designed to awaken your immune system. Made with B-12 for a fast-acting and effective boost of energy.

Feel at ease — Fite Vite is all-natural, vegan, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and contains no artificial colors. Includes two recyclable glass vials, each filled with a 15-day supply to give you lasting immunity all month long.

C’mon get happy! Our Happy blend was formulated to keep you smiling with geranium synergy.

Filled with organic natural extracts and essential oils, it supports a healthy immune system with natural naturally clarifying properties.

What’s inside our Happy blend? Our formula contains eucalyptus and geranium for a fresh and uplifting scent while harnessing the power of clove - the superhero of essential oils due to its high concentration of antimicrobials.

Feel at ease — our Aromatherapy Rollerball is all-natural, organic, preservative free made with a coconut oil base!