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Check out the Wellness Bento everyone is talking about!
📦 Free Shipping on orders $39.99 and up! 📦

Breathe Well Antimicrobial Face Mask

Highly considered facial technology for comfortable, reusable and effective protection.
S/M Mask
L/XL Mask
S/M Mask with 15 Filters
L/XL Mask with 15 Filters
15 Filters Only
What It Is
The only face mask that combines surgeon-approved fit and protection, ultrasoft cotton comfort, and a shape that accentuates your smile. Euka’s 3+ layer protective mask is crafted with a professional grade, antimicrobial-treated cotton modal outer layer plus two inner layers of soft cotton. Also includes filter pocket. Available in two sizes.

Consciously Crafted. Natural Ingredients.

Eco-friendly Cotton

Why You'll Love It


Many masks can be dehumanizing — covering the entire face, making it difficult to decipher someone’s feelings and facial expressions. We created our masks with an avocado shaped design that shows off cheekbones to emphasize all emotions. Go ahead, smile like you mean it.


Euka masks are made from super efficacious antimicrobial properties. We included an added layer of protection with an insert pocket for replaceable filters made of paper, instead of potentially harmful charcoal or fiberglass fibers.


Fabrics made from US Supima® MicroModal® stand out because of their notably soft touch, which stays just as silky even after numerous washes. There are soft, stretchy ear loops for easy on and off. It also has a hidden nose piece to cinch around the nose for a custom fit.


Because of MicroModal’s® botanic origin, it is very eco-friendly. This yarn has been certified according to the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, a rigorous testing, auditing, and certification system for environmentally friendly textiles.

How to Use

Cover mouth and nose area. Store in our antimicrobial-treated, reusable pouch when not in use. Wash mask every 2-3 uses. Use whenever you are in public. Along with wearing your mask, please practice social distancing and hand washing to help protect yourself and others.

Conscious Materials

• Highly eco-friendly, combed, extra-long staple Supima® Cotton
• MicroModal® Edelweiss, made with European beech wood
• Stay Fresh® antimicrobial outer layer
• Nontoxic paper filters