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Wellness Bento

The ultimate respiratory wellness trial bundle.
Wellness Bento+ S/M Face Mask with 15 Filters
Wellness Bento+ L/XL Facemask with 15 Filters
Wellness Bento
What It Is

The Bento is all about balance. We designed the Euka Wellness Bento as a way for you to sample all that Euka has to offer. Each item in this system is designed to play a unique role in your overall health by protecting you from life’s harmful pathogens and strengthening immunity. Euka’s holistic suite of tools provides you the daily dose of preventative wellness necessary to unlock your body’s natural respiratory powers.

The Bento+ includes everything our Wellness Bento has to offer, plus a Euka Breathe Well Antimicrobial Mask with 15 Filters, our 3+ layer protective mask is crafted with a professional grade, antimicrobial-treated cotton modal outer layer plus two inner layers of soft cotton with a filter slot. Two sizes available.

Consciously Crafted. Natural Ingredients.

Natural and Organic
Made without Preservatives

Why You'll Love It

Explore Everything

The Euka Wellness Bento includes every Euka ritual for you to explore and incorporate into your daily routine. Investigate what rituals work best for you on your own time.

The Wellness Bento includes:
• Wellness Saline Spray
• Molecular Helmet Wellness Roller
• Wellness Antiseptic Spray
• Fite Vite Multi-Vitamin
• Breathe Well Shower Bombs x2
• Wellness Infused Sanitizing Wipes x5

The Bento+ also includes:
• Breathe Well Antimicrobial Face Mask
• 15 Face Mask Filters

Experience Powerful Holistic Benefits

The suite of Euka Wellness products are designed to work together as a powerful ritual that protects you from life’s harmful pathogens and strengthens your immune system. You get to experience all the synergistic benefits of the full Euka Wellness System. If you’re loving them we recommend subscribing to the Euka Wellness Core System.

Health-Conscious Gifting

This holistically balanced bento makes for the perfect wellness gift bundle for the health conscious friend.

How to Use

Start your morning off right with the Fite Vite Multi-Vitamin + Immunity Booster. Use your Wellness Nasal Spray and Molecular Helmet Wellness Roller once or twice throughout the day, ideally morning and evening. For additional immune support, use Wellness Antiseptic Spray and Wellness Sanitizing Wipes as needed...and start or end your day with a mood transforming Breathe Well shower bomb!

With the Bento+, use your mask to cover your mouth and nose area, and use it whenever you are in public. Along with wearing your mask, please practice social distancing and hand washing to help protect yourself and others.

What's Included

Wellness Bento
• Wellness Saline Spray x 1 (15 day supply)
• Molecular Helmet Wellness Roller x 1 (30 day supply)
• Wellness Antiseptic Spray x 1 (15 day supply)
• Fite Vite Multi-Vitamin 10ct Sachet x 3 (15 day supply)
• Breathe Well Shower Bombs (2 units)
• Wellness Infused Sanitizing Wipes (5 singles)

Wellness Bento+
• Everything included in the Wellness Bento
• Breathe Well Antimicrobial Face Mask (1 mask, two size options)
• Facemask Filters 15ct