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⭐️ Take 25% off every product sold in pairs and get FREE Shower Bombs ⭐️
📦 FREE SHIPPING on orders $20 and up! 📦

Wellness Bento+

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Who knew preventative wellness could! Our Wellness Bento lets you sample all Euka has to offer, providing every tool you need to create your unique wellness ritual. 

The Wellness Bento includes:

  • Wellness Saline Spray
  • Wellness Aromatherapy Roller
  • Wellness Antiseptic Spray
  • Fite Vite Multi-Vitamin
  • Breathe Well Shower Bombs (2)
  • Wellness Infused Sanitizing Wipes (5)
  • Euka Reusable Mask with 15 Filters (comes in two sizes)

Our consciously crafted products are clean, natural, non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free, preservative-free, non-GMO, and sustainably sourced in the USA!

Our Wellness Bento provides a holistic approach to wellness. Think restorative self-care meets preventative wellness. Doctors formulated each product to play a crucial role in your overall health. Using all products together creates a powerful, synergistic ritual to protect and restore your body.

Experiment with each product and customize your wellness ritual to fit your unique needs.

How you harness the power of our Wellness Bento is up to you, but here are some recommendations to get started. Check out a day with Wellness Bento:

Morning: Awaken your immunity with a boost from our Fite Vite Multi-Vitamin + Immunity Boost multi-vitamin.

On-The-Go: When headed out on the town, throw on Euka Reusable Mask for extra protection and comfort. Kill germs and bacteria while on the move. Stick our Wellness Antiseptic Spray and Wellness Sanitizing Wipes into your bag and use them when needed.

Wellness Break: Take a step back and check in with yourself. Use Wellness Aromatherapy Rollerball for a magical spa moment, or take a breath with our Wellness Saline Spray to clear congestion and stuffiness throughout the day.

Evening: Unwind with a transforming shower experience. Splash Euka Wellness Bomb with a bit of water to turn your shower into an aromatherapy wet spa.

Wellness Bento • Wellness Saline Spray x 1 (15 day supply) • Molecular Helmet Wellness Roller x 1 (30 day supply) • Wellness Antiseptic Spray x 1 (15 day supply) • Fite Vite Multi-Vitamin 10ct Sachet x 3 (15 day supply) • Breathe Well Shower Bombs (2 units) • Wellness Infused Sanitizing Wipes (5 singles) • Breathe Well Antimicrobial Face Mask (1 mask, two size options) • Facemask Filters 15ct

Consciously Crafted. Natural Ingredients.

Natural & Non-Toxic

Preservative Free



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