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Why do I keep waking up congested?

Why do I keep waking up congested?

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Starting your morning by reaching for the tissue box can be frustrating and annoying. Good news, waking up congested can be prevented! As a practicing ENT doctor, Dr. Nasseri has identified the two leading causes of morning congestion: gravity and indoor allergens.

Unfortunately, we can’t change gravity, but there are ways to work with it! When you are upright, gravity supports your body to pump more blood to your feet than your head. When we lie down for several hours, however, our heart can start pumping more blood to your head, which causes congestion. Make sure you have a supportive pillow that will keep your head above your body to keep gravity pumping blood in the right direction!

If your congestion is caused by indoor allergies, Dr. Nasseri has identified three practical solutions to minimize them.

Clean your sheets regularly and use allergy-proof bedding

Millions of people in the U.S. and worldwide are allergic to dust mites, dirt, and pollen - which can be prevalent in your bedroom! When these irritants are exposed to your nasal passageway, it triggers swelling, which reduces the space for airflow in your nose. Even if you aren’t necessarily allergic, your nose may naturally react and protect itself and your throat.

An easy way to combat allergens that cause morning congestion is by making sure your bedding is clean. Dr. Nasseri suggests changing your sheets once a week and ensuring they are laundered at a high temperature to avoid dust or dirt contamination. In addition, many people opt to encase their bedding with dust and allergy-proof covers to prevent any allergy-related issues.

Rinse your nose with saline spray before bed

Did you know that your nose filters everything every time you breathe in - even things that are 0.5 mm in size!? This includes pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Rinsing your nose with saline before bed can help reduce the harmful build-up your nose has filtered throughout the day. Saline spray can also moisturize your nasal passageway and thin excess mucus to soothe your nose throughout the night.

The Euka Wellness Saline Spray is the perfect solution for cleaning our nasal passages to prevent pathogen buildup and congestion. The formula is preservative-free, sterile, and isotonic. One spritz clears congestion, opens your airways, and preserves your delicate nasal biome without flooding your nose. It’s safe to use as often as you need and doesn’t sting like other leading brands. Learn more about the importance of cleaning your nose here.

Supplement nasal spray with other medications

In addition to rinsing your nose with saline spray, other medications such as antihistamines, decongestants, and nasal steroids can also help reduce congestion. However, Dr. Nasseri warns that these medicines may raise blood and eye pressure and that steroids can even slightly elevate blood sugar. Therefore, it’s crucial to consult a medical professional before using more intensive medication.