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A Doctors' Guide to Maintaining a Healthy Respiratory System

For over 20 years, Drs. Shawn and Bita Nasseri have cared for the voices and bodies of some of the most celebrated artists and entertainers in the world. 

Bita, a summa cum laude graduate of UCLA with a residency at the Mayo Clinic, USC, and UCLA, uses her cardiac, transplant, airway, and outpatient anesthesia expertise to inform her holistic and preventative care for patients.

Shawn, a Harvard-educated and Mayo Clinic-trained Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgeon, is one of the most sought-after otolaryngologists globally with a talent for resolving sinus, voice, and allergy ailments at the highest level. 

Together, the doctors’ new mission is to make respiratory health an understandable and valued part of daily life, just like diet, exercise, or hygiene.

For their essential, easy-to-follow tips on properly caring for your respiratory health, let’s turn it over to the Nasseris for their Guide to Maintaining A Healthy Respiratory System:

Tip #1: Wash Your Nose

In our experience, we find many patients simply ignore the vital importance of regularly washing their noses. This is a big mistake, and here’s why:

Just like your hands, your nose needs to be cleansed too. Your nose is your body’s air filter, and dust, debris, and germs all enter your body through your nasal biome. Keeping this area clean, moist, and healthy is crucial for keeping antigens out so that your body can fight off harmful pathogens. 

If you have allergies, this is extra important since your body reacts even when harmless dust or pollen particles enter the nasal biome, kicking your immune response into gear.

To properly clean your nose, we recommend using a sterile saline spray 2-3 times daily. Here is what to look for when choosing a spray:

  • Isotonic:  Look for sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate. When you combine saltwater with sodium-bicarbonate, it makes the PH higher and slightly more alkaline for greater comfort. This helps match the salinity of your body -- making it isotonic so that you can clean your nose effectively without any harmful or stinging sensations.
  • Proper Dose: Many saline devices use way too much water. When you flood your nose, you can actually upset your biome -- shifting it more towards an environment where pathogens, like unwanted bacteria, fungus, and viruses, could thrive. A mist is the ideal usage of saline. 
  • Sterile: Avoid preservatives and other potentially toxic chemicals. 

Tip #2: Take A Multivitamin

Vitamin deficiencies are painfully common in the general public and can contribute to a host of worrying health issues. 

While there are many essential vitamins, vitamins D and B complexes are necessary for boosting immunity in ways that can directly enhance respiratory function. 

FDA reports suggest 40% of adults don’t consume enough of these vitamins, and it’s likely their respiratory health subsequently suffers negative impacts. 

When paired with essential minerals like calcium, zinc, and magnesium, vitamins D and B complexes create the “Buddy System,” which harmonizes the benefits of each vitamin and mineral to best improve immunity and optimize respiratory function.

Tip #3: Stress Less

Excessive stress is no fun. It inhibits your ability to enjoy your life and can have incredibly detrimental effects on your immune system and respiratory health:

Stress can cause a lot of damage to your immune system because the stress hormone that we produce lowers the number of white blood cells that your body creates to fight infection.

This minimized protection increases susceptibility to foreign invaders, like viruses and other diseases, that can ravage your respiratory system.

On the other hand, exercise, laughing, and spending time (even if it’s through the cell phone or computer!) with family and friends is crucial for keeping your immune system in tip-top shape. 

Boosting your mental health can impact your physical health, so staying positive, getting your body moving so it can create endorphins, and interacting with others can really help your overall well-being, and in turn, your immune system.

When your immune system is at its strongest, you can rest assured knowing your respiratory system has the weapons it needs to fight off practically anything that tries to cause it harm.

Tip #4: Prioritize Deep, Restful Sleep

If you’ve noticed a theme in this guide, it’s likely that a strong immune system is a solid indicator of optimal respiratory health.

If you know anything about a strong immune system, you also understand that it needs adequate sleep to be at its best:

Sleep is proven to bolster the T-cells in your body, helping your immune system fight off harmful infections that can compromise your respiratory function.

So, how much sleep do you need?

Well, it depends on your age:

The average adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep, teenagers should be getting 8-10 hours, and younger children a minimum of 9-11 hours to keep them at their peak!

Tip #5: Keep Personal Space for Yourself

Many people critically undervalue the need for hygienic personal space:

When we spend long periods in dirty areas overrun with germs, we dramatically increase our risk of exposure to harmful foreign invaders that can devastate our body and respiratory system.

In order to counteract this, make a conscious effort to routinely disinfect your work and personal spaces and keep an eye out for sources of harmful pathogens -- such as sick people.

While it’s not necessary to develop a paranoid fear of germs, it is essential to realize that your environment can directly influence your respiratory system’s ability to function at its best.

Tip #6: Give Your Body the Support It Needs

Now that you know how to bolster your respiratory system, it’s time to join our journey toward your ultimate well-being:

At EUKA, we blend Eastern heritages and Western education with products that encompass the best of both worlds. We believe this integration of science, medicine, and nature’s cleanest ingredients can empower individuals to take charge of their lives by practicing conscious and consistent preventative wellness routines.

Eucalyptus is at the core of our respiratory wellness system and a key ingredient in our products. Not only is it Mother Nature’s decongestant and anti-inflammatory agent, but it also helps support your entire respiratory system.

Our core system includes our Wellness Saline Spray, Fite Vite Daily Multi-Vitamin, and Molecular Helmet Wellness Roller:

Our Wellness Saline Spray is the only all-natural, sterile saline mist on the market, and it helps to maintain a healthy nasal biome with a pH-balanced and salt-balanced mist. Our Fite Vite is super-charged with a fine-tuned blend of organic herbs, phytonutrients, and vitamins. The rollerball has a blend of organic natural extracts and essential oils for a quick and easy application. 

Additional products include our all-natural, organic, and toxin-free Wellness Antiseptic Spray, Wellness Infused Sanitizing Wipes, and Wellness Shower Bombs to turn your shower into a spa-like experience, open airways, and transform your mood. 

For more information on our mission to help you responsibly improve your health, visit Euka Wellness and check out our other blog posts!